90210-poster_174x261If any of you have been watching the new 90210 on The CW, you know that the show has kind of been all over the place this season.  It’s not that the show has been bad, it just hasn’t really found it’s place yet.  The production team has kind of been all over the place and has changed so many times I’ve lost count. 

Several original cast members returned, but were given pretty poor storylines.  Jennie Garth returned as Kelly Taylor, and was missing for many episodes b/c she took her son to visit his father, Dylan McKay.  Otherwise, Kelly has just had a “sort of” romance with West Beverly High teacher, Ryan Matthews.  Shannen Doherty returned as Brenda Walsh, and her first story was to direct a high school musical, while her second story was that she found out she couldn’t have children.  Tori Spelling returned as Donna Martin-Silver, and while her story is still going, it appears she returned so we could find out that her and David are having marital problems.  Joe E. Tata returned as Nat and wasn’t given a story.  Anne Gillespie returned as Jackie Taylor, and we learned that she is still divorced from Mel Silver, and has returned to drinking and sleeping around.  Not really the best storylines for the show’s vets, but it was really cool to see them return.

Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh

Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh

As for the main cast, we’ve already seen some changes, and it’s only the first year.  First off, the worst change in my opinion, was the show deciding to get rid of the hysterical Tabitha Wilson (played brilliantly by Jessica Walter).  However, that was counter balanced when the show took the character of Adrianna (played by Jessica Lowndes) from being a recurring character to a main character. 

Farewell Tabitha, Welcome Adrianna

Farewell Tabitha, Welcome Adrianna

Then came the news the the hunk of the show, Ethan (played by Dustin Milligan), will not be returning next season.  Rumor is that he’ll be killed in the season finale b/c the character has run his course.  However, new character, Liam Court (played by Matt Lanter), will become a main character in season 2. 

Bye bye Ethan, Hello Liam

Bye bye Ethan, Hello Liam

The stories of the main cast have really bounced all over the place, and several of them didn’t even make sense.  However, all of that is about to change (supposedly) in season 2.   Newly crowned series queen,  Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair , plans to make the newer cast much more interesting and really create a solid show.  However, she admits that the original actors have been brought on for rating boosts, and she doesn’t plan on using them as much (if at all) in season 2. 

So, with every bit of bad news, there is some good news.  I can only hope that the new 90210 will finally live up to the original.  It would be great if the show took on a Gossip Girl of the west coast feel, but with Gossip Girl getting it’s own spinoff this year, I guess we’ll get that type of show anyway.


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