Possible spoiler alert!  If you haven’t seen the April 19th episode of Desperate Housewives yet, then do not read any further. 

So, if you DID see tonight’s Desperate Housewives, then you now know that Edie Britt (played by Nicolette Sheridan) met her maker tonight.  We all knew that this was coming from all of the recent tabloid reports, but I was thinking that maybe she’d still be around for a few more episodes.  The reason I say this, is that last time we had a new episode, we were given previews of Edie after the accident and in the hospital.  It looked like she would be in the hospital for a bit before they killed her off completely.  However, after seeing tonight’s episode, I guess they quickly rewrote Edie’s ending…and they did it HORRIBLY!!!

Nicolette Sheridan as Edie Britt

Nicolette Sheridan as Edie Britt

I’m sorry, but the writing in this episode just sucked.  First off, having another episode this season in which the women get together and reflect on moments made up just for the episode isn’t an original idea.  Just this very season, when the local handyman died, we had an eerily similar episode. 

The fact that NONE of the women even shed one tear was so sad.  Maybe they all fought with Edie at one point or another, but she was still their friend (as seen in all of their made up flashbacks).  Wouldn’t you cry if your friend had just passed away? 

Now on to some specific moments that sucked.  We’ll start with Gabby’s (Eva Longoria-Parker) flashback.  Gabby and Edie go out for a night on the town to meet guys.  They decide to compete over who could get more guys to buy them drinks.  In the end, Gabby came back with 17 stirrers…meaning she had 17 drinks.  Yet, Gabby wasn’t even slightly buzzed.  I know that after 4 mixed drinks I’m feeling really happy.  Gabby must have some tolerance!  The scene ends with Gabby and Edie deciding to go back to Gabby’s house to open a bottle of wine (because apparently that 1 bottle of wine will do the trick that 17 mixed drinks couldn’t). 

Next up, Karen McClusky’s flashback.  Karen (Kathryn Joosten) and Edie were BEST FRIENDS!  In fact, because Karen loved Edie so much, she felt it her responsibility to find out the truth about Edie’s husband!  Yet Mrs. McClusky doesn’t even shed 1 tear for her best friend who is now dead.  What??

Then, the powers that be felt it would be great to bring back Edie’s son.  Well, since the show went 5 years into the future at the beginning of this season, the last time we saw this kid, he was really a little kid.  So, now we have some actor we’ve NEVER seen come in to play this character for 1 episode.  Of course it didn’t tug our heart strings…we don’t even know who this kid is!  And of course this actor wasn’t going to deliver a powerful scene…he’s NEVER even been on the show before.  He doesn’t have any kind of rapport with the women of Wisteria Lane, and he’s still a kid, maybe 16 or 17 years old.  On top of it all, his own father couldn’t tell him that his mother died?  Of course not, the women of Wisteria Lane (who met this kid once when he was still a child) have to be the ones to break the news to the poor kid.  The scene just fell really flat.

That brings me to Katherine (played by Dana Delaney).  Why wasn’t she with all her friends to go meet up with Edie’s son to tell him his mother died?  Only 2 episodes ago Katherine was going to go camping with Edie, Edie’s husband, and Mike (James Denton).  But I guess she didn’t care about Edie’s death too much.  My friend Darren and I think that the producers are giving Katherine such crappy story in hopes that she’ll ask them to break her contract.  I mean Dana Delaney is a pretty well known name in primetime TV, and yet her character is just so boring on this show.  Send her off to Brothers and Sisters or Grey’s Anatomy.  She’ll probably get better story.

Finally, when I first heard that Edie was getting killed off the show, I thought “Well, it’ll be great when they bring her back to narrate an episode ala Mary Alice Young.  She’ll say such nasty things about all the women, and it’ll be hysterical”.  Well, Edie narrated this entire episode, and it just wasn’t Edie.  She was just too sweet.  Totally not her character in the least.

This is the very first episode of this show that I can honestly say I hated.  I’m a Nicolette Sheridan fan (since the days when she played Paige Mathison on Knots Landing), so I’m sad to see her go.  However, that’s not why I hated the episode.  It was just so poorly written, and such an improper send off to one of the original cast members, that I could hardly stomach it.

As for the future, I’m sure that the show will be fine.  Edie was rarely used throughout the years that she starred on the show, so her death shouldn’t affect the storylines much at all.  However, I do love Mrs. McClusky, and I hope that the writers will still find great story for her.  She’ll need a new sidekick…so maybe they’ll bring Lily Tomlin back as her sister and make her a recurring character (if Lily is so willing).

Kathryn Joosten as Mrs. McClusky

Kathryn Joosten as Mrs. McClusky

On a happier note…at least we’re getting a bunch of new episodes in a row.  I’m so sick of DH coming back for 2 or 3 episodes and then going off for a month and then coming back for a few more episodes before going off for another month.  Now we’ll get 5 or 6 new episodes every week leading up to the 2 hour season finale!  I do love me some 2 hour season finales!  And based on the previews, it does look like the rest of this season’s shows will be exciting.

Hopefully Desperate Housewives will get back to basics next season and become the show it was in the first season.  We need mysteries, cliffhangers, and more soapy moments. 

If this was Dallas, Dynasty, or Knots Landing, next season will begin with Susan (Terri Hatcher) opening her shower curtain to find Edie showering (and having some fun with her soap scrub). 😉


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