Desperate Housewives News: Gale Harold Returns

Posted: April 20, 2009 in Desperate Housewives, Gale Harold, Neal McDonough, Teri Hatcher

Joy! Gale Harold’s extremely boring character, Jackson, is returning to Desperate Housewives on May 3rd.  Apparently Jackson is coming back and planning on proposing to Susan (Teri Hatcher). 

Gale Harold had a serious motorcycle accident about 6 months ago and has been off the show during his recuperation time.  I’m glad he is doing better!  I actually liked Gale Harold when he starred on Queer as Folk as Brian Kinney.  However, I cannot stand his character on Desperate Housewives.  The character is just not sexy, and the chemistry between Jackson and Susan is seriously lacking. 

Gale Harold as Jackson and Teri Hatcher as Susan

Gale Harold as Jackson and Teri Hatcher as Susan

My guess is that Susan will come upon the secret that Edie’s hubby, Dave (Neal McDonough), is hiding.  Dave will want to get rid of Susan before she spills the beans and will attempt to kill her.  However, Jackson will jump in to protect Susan and will in turn get killed himself.  That would be a great way to write off his character, so that he can’t return again. 

And then Showtime will make a Queer as Folk movie and Gale Harold will return as Brian Kinney. 

That would make Craig VERY happy!  🙂


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