Dynamite Girls News!

Posted: April 20, 2009 in Avantguards, Desperate Housewives, Dynamite Girls, Fashion Royalty, Jason Wu, Michelle Obama

The Dynamite Girls are a doll line produced by Integrity Toys and designed by Jason Wu (famous for his doll lines Fashion Royalty and Avantguards and now also for designing clothes for our first lady, Michelle Obama).  The Spring 2009 collection of Dynamite Girls is called Electropop and has a heavy 80’s feel to it.

The Dynamite Girls Electropop Collection: Aria, Dayle, Rufus Blue, Sooki, and Jasper

The Dynamite Girls Electropop Collection: Aria, Dayle, Rufus Blue, Sooki, and Jasper

There is a 6th girl to be added later named Susie (a character produced by a different company but crossing over into the Dynamite Girls line as an exclusive).

Now I’ve received word that there will be a mini collection of Dynamite Girls this spring called Feelin’ Fierce.  This collection will only feature 2 characters, Jett and new girl Dani.  Jett appeared in the first 2 waves of Dynamite Girls dolls and also had a holiday exclusive this past holiday season.  Dani has never appeared before.  I do not have pictures, but I’m being told that Jett will appear in this line as a blonde and Dani will be a brunette.  Pictures of these gals as well as Electropop Susie should be released in the next few weeks, and I will definitely post them here.

A little about Jason Wu.  I befriended Jason Wu while working on the doll magazine, Dolls in Print.  He was allowing me to use his playline called Janay for my dolly soap, Pink Intentions.  However, the magazine was cancelled prior to my being able to utilize any of Jason’s dolls.  Jason went on to create the highly successful fashion doll line, Fashion Royalty.  Last year he introduced yet another doll line, this time in the 16″ format, called the Avantguards.  I will be posting pics of my Avantguards in the next few days.  But, needless to say, these are absolutely breathtaking dolls.  Definitely high- end collectibles.  Here is a sampling of what they look like:

Avantguards: Aphrodesiac and Androgyny

Avantguards: Aphrodesiac and Androgyny

Jason is also knkown for his human sized fashions.  In fact, Eva Longoria-Parker (of Desperate Housewives fame) has even worn his fashions to different awards shows.

Most recently, however, Jason has been in the spotlight for his fashions that he has designed for our first lady, Michelle Obama.  Here is an outfit he designed for her at the inauguration:

Michelle Obama wears Jason Wu

Michelle Obama wears Jason Wu

I can’t wait to see what Jason has up his sleeves next!  And I’ll keep you posted on any news regarding his doll lines.  😀


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