Hottie o’ the day: Jesse Metcalfe…Where Art Thou???

Posted: April 20, 2009 in Desperate Housewives, Hottie o' the day, Jesse Metcalfe
Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Metcalfe

Oh, Jesse.  I became a huge fan of Jesse’s the very first time he was shown on the cancelled soap opera Passions, where he played Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald.  I became an even bigger fan of his when he began playing John on Desperate Housewives.  I was also one of the 15 people that actually went to see the movie John Tucker Must Die…and even bought it on DVD.  However, since then, it’s like the poor guy dropped off the face of the earth.  Sure, we saw him get beat up outside an LA nightclub, but when will this guy get another starring role?

Such a hottie!

Such a hottie!

I hope that he’ll make a comeback soon!  It would have been great to see him pop up on the new Melrose Place…which maybe he will.  He’s only 30 (I know this b/c he and I share the same birthday), so he’s at the right age for that show.  Or, maybe they’ll bring him back to Desperate Housewives and give him a new story.  DH is in definite need of some hotties.


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