Just a quick note to remind you of all the season finale’s occuring this week!!

First off, The Office and Parks and Recreation both celebrated their season finales this past week.

The Office Logo

Tonight, Desperate Housewives has it’s 2 hour season finale special.  It sounds VERY exciting!

DH Logo

Tomorrow night, Gossip Girl will be having it’s season finale, and it promises a lot of surprises.  I’ll be posting a seperate post with some more spoilers I found…;)

Gossip Girl Logo

Tuesday night will be the 90210 season finale and will also be the night the final two contestants on American Idol perform (Adam Lambert and Kris Allen).

90210 Logo

Wednesday night, American Idol will announce it’s newest winner, and will sign off for the season. 

American Idol Logo

Coming soon…The Hills has 3 more episodes before it’s season finale which will be Heidi and Spencer’s wedding as well as Lauren Conrad’s last episode of the show.  Also, The Real World Challenge has only a few more weeks before signing off for the season.

The Hills Logo

So, what will we have left??  Hopefully there will be some good shows turning up this summer AND of course I’ll be keeping my ear to the wall to learn of all the surprises in store for us during the new seasons of each show (and the new shows for the fall). 




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