Melrose Place: Major Major Spoiler!!!

Posted: May 25, 2009 in David Charvet, Laura Leighton, Melrose Place, Thomas Calabro

Melrose Logo

So, there was this HUGE leak, and now the premise of the first season of the new Melrose Place has been uncovered!!!!

Sydney (Laura Leighton) is dead…again!  As the first episode of the new show starts, we will see Sydney’s dead body floating in the pool at the Melrose complex.  Why bring back Laura Leighton’s character just to kill her again?  Well, her death sets off the mystery that will carry throughout the first season…a “whodunit”.  Of course Michael (Thomas Calabro) will be one of the primary suspects.  As for Laura Leighton just coming back to be killed off again, her story will unfold all season long through flashbacks.  In these flashbacks, we’ll also learn how she came back to life after being run over on her’s and Craig’s (David Charvet) wedding day.  I’m guessing that the flashbacks will also introduce us to all the suspects in this murder mystery.  Sounds pretty cool to me, though I’m bummed that Syd will be dead again.  Still, a season long murder mystery is always fun…remember the first season of Desperate Housewives???  What do you all think???

Sydney and Michael

Sydney and Michael


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