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Am I the only one that is EXTREMELY upset that the beautiful and talented Lindsay Hartley is leaving “Days of Our Lives”?  Lindsay was my favorite actress on “Passions” where she played Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald-Winthrop, so I was beyond excited when she joined the cast of my favorite soap, “Days of Our Lives” as Arianna Hernandez.  Then the show had to go and get rid of her.  😦  I know she’s going to resurface in December on an ABC soap opera, but I can’t get into another show.  I’m really going to miss seeing her face every day.  And to add insult to injury, the show isn’t just having her move out of town, they’re killing her.  I know on soaps that that doesn’t mean much.  So, I’m just hoping that Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) secretly steals her comatose body and holds her hostage to one day unleash her on the town of Salem. 

Lindsay Hartley

I believe Lindsay’s last air date will be this Friday, 10/22/10.  How do you all feel about Lindsay leaving Salem???