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Well, with the cast of Jersey Shore all going on to new adventures, I think it’s unlikely that MTV will be able to afford their paychecks for a 4th season.  I’m not saying we won’t see a Jersey Shore season 4, but I doubt we’ll see the core cast of The Situation, Snooki, Jwoww, and DJ Pauly D star in a 4th season.  So, what have the core 4 been up to since they wrapped up filming season 3 down the shore?  Let’s take a look…

Dancing with the Sitch

The most obvious has been Mike Sorrentino (The Situation).  He finished filming Jersey Shore season 3 and was on a plane to LA the following day to start his stint on “Dancing with the Stars”.  He actually lasted much longer than most anticipated, but he was voted off this week.  Let’s face it, The Situation was DEFINITELY not the best dancer…especially on a show that is currently starring Jennifer Grey who could dance circles around him.  According to his Twitter, The Situation came back home to Jersey this past week.

Jwoww Smackdown!

Jenni Farley, better known as Jwoww, made her WWE debut this past Thursday on Spike TV.  Jwoww was taking on the WWE’s caricature of Snooki named Cookie.  Will this open up a new career for Jwoww?  Only time will tell…

Snookin' for Love

Speaking of Snooki (real name: Nicole Polizzi), she just signed a deal for her own TV Show, “Snookin’ for Love”.  While that is only the temporary title, it appears that the show will be a “Batchelorette” type of show where Snooki will weed out Juiceheads to find her Mr. Right.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Jwoww appeared on this show to help her choose the right guy.

DJ Pauly D

Finally, DJ Pauly D (real name: Paul Delvecchio) has also signed a deal for his own TV show on MTV.  Apparently this reality show will follow Pauly D and his friends as they tour the country working as DJs.  Again, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of his “Jersey Shore” castmates appeared on this show.

So, with these 4 moving onto these bigger projects, will MTV be able to afford their paychecks for a 4th season down the shore?  I seriously doubt it.  My prediction is that the other 3 castmates might return with some new faces, leading the show in a new direction.

What are your thoughts?