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Last night’s American Idol was by far my favorite episode of this season.  The judge’s song choices for each contestant as well as the contestant’s song choices were so spot on for each performer, I didn’t know who I liked more.

Now, I’ve been saying since the get go that Adam Lamber is by far my fave and I still feel that way.  The guy is definitely the most talented performer they’ve ever had on that show (in my opinion).  And I really want him to win.  However, I’ve always said that Allison Iraheta or Danny Gokey were my second fave.  Well, Allison is unfortunately gone.  😦  And based on last night’s performances, I actually think Kris Allen might be my second fave!  And he was always at the bottome of my list, which blows me away, b/c last night his performances were AMAZING!!!!  First, Kris sang “Apologize” by One Republic.  He did a fantastic job on this song, just a few pitch problems, but otherwise it was awesome.  And then Kris had to come out and sing “Heartless” by Kanye West.  First off, I LOVE the song Heartless.  But Kris came out and sang it solo with just his guitar.  No band, no back up singers.  IT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!  I’ve already downloaded it onto my iPod.  Kris has a lot more talent than I gave him credit for.  What a great performance last night.

The Final 3: Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, & Danny Gokey

The Final 3: Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, & Danny Gokey

So, I’m kind of hoping that we now see Adam and Kris in the final 2 with Adam winning overall.  What do you all think?